Dust of the Garden furniture Spring is Getting Closer

Wrench open that shed and re-discover your garden tools, spring is ever closer and to me that is nothing but joy, more relaxed days, where you can actually sit outside and enjoy your little patch of heaven and whats more you get to see ‘neighbours’ again, as we all emerge bleary eyed from our winter hibernation.

So, to ensure you are prepared,  make certain you have the all so important garden suite in place.

Kingdom of Love is all about colour and vibrancy, creating a fun, yet useable space, with furniture that won’t need re-varnishing, can stay out all year AND is comfy. Its wipeable too, which ticks the boxes for families and party goers where spillages are inevitable. But, best of all, it adds instant colour before the beautiful flowers have even begun to pop up and it continues into the darker months when all around is shrivelled and dead :O)

A perfect solution to the garden set-up

Yellow Table Pink Chair Green Ottoman Flower Pot


Keep it Colourful this Winter

Fabulous Furniture in Vibrant Brights from Kingdom of Love;



A Colourful Wall for the Fall

Well, things are certainly getting colder and darker and gardens are looking more bland than they are colourful and our homes are feeling darker and colder as we baton down the hatches.

So today Kingdom of Love wants to suggest creating an indoor/outdoor wall of succulents.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to have a large garden/big house at all and it will look super stylish and add some instant colour.

There are many ways to add a vertical wall gardens (pinterest is a great place to gain inspiration!).

You either make your own base frame or buy ready to hang wall planter pockets, or get creative and use half drain pipes, pallets etc

Once you have secured it to your wall, you can then add more colour by framing it with a vibrant Kingdom of Love frame and voila – instant style and some winter colour.

fol_front_black_medium simple_white_medium pink_intimacy_medium

Summer Colour Fading Fast – Add Bright Furniture To Make It Last!

Well, I hate to say it, but the nights are definitely drawing in and the mornings feeling colder. My garden still looks lovely, but the flowers are past their best and the colour is gradually slipping away.

There is however one way to fix this – add some colourful furniture/accessories to your outside space to keep a colourful presence all year round. There’s nothing more depressing than looking out a grey, empty garden whilst its lashing down with rain, but add a pop of colour and it instantly changes things. It doesn’t have to be furniture. You could add some large colourful pots and plant up winter shrubs, the garden will then look full and lush and the colour will be a permanent fixture. 

Don’t feel like you have to give into the winter, fight it with a punch of colour form Kingdom of Love.

Party with Plastic!!

Kingdom of Love


Tis the summer season, the time to be social, we emerge from our homes with our pale winter skin and bleary eyes and embrace the glorious sun and chance to catch up with humanity.

So – throw a party, a party full of colour, full of cheer.

Kingdom of Love furniture can be used inside and out, so if it does start raining, (which in England is highly likely), bring the colour into your home.  Made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene our products are ideal for this kind of event. Durable, easy cleanable (there’s always one person who will lose control of the wine glass!) its child friendly and sooo much fun in an array of colours – you won’t need balloons!!.

Party on with Kingdom of Love :O)

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Sit at Home in a Throne

Be the Queen of your abode.


Kingdom of Love

Garden Furniture from Kingdom of Love

Make your Garden ‘Summer Ready’ with Kingdom of Love’s fabulous range of durable, versatile, bright and most importantly comfortable garden furniture.

Whether you have a small space with limited room for flower beds, a vast space that needs a strong visual feature, or a trendy roof garden that needs an injection of style, our products fit the mould, adding colour to any space. A fabulous, modern way to add a vibrant touch of modern design to an outside space without the need for too much gardening.


Garden Table Ottoman Garden Pots Garden Chair DIsplay Unit


FUNiture – Furniture with the Fun Factor

As the sun comes out, so we emerge from our homes, seeking summer fun and colour, following the dark months behind us.

Kingdom of Love furniture will transform your garden/home into a vibrant, fun space, to sit back and enjoy the summer months.

ChairChairGarden PotsOttomanTable

Colourful, Creative Furniture

Colourful, Creative Furniture

Get creative with the kids during the Easter Holidays and transform your home and garden into a haven of inspiring colour.

Ideal Outdoor Furniture to ensure your Cafe/Bar is full to bursting this summer!

It’s finally spring and we are daring to imagine those alfresco moments and lazy weekend/evening drinks where can sit out until our eyelids drop!! So, make sure your Bar/Cafe stands out from the Crowd and when people pass by perusing which establishment they will choose to dine in – yours will pop out at them, ensuring no empty seats for you this season, just overflowing with people chatting and dining, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Kingdom of Love Furniture is bright, vibrant, durable and certainly won’t be missed by passers by!! With our huge throne chairs and matching ottomans and tables, the scene is set for people to come in their droves to refresh and rejuvenate.